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potentialKEN kisselman is a freelance strategic & creative consultant.

He can be contracted hourly, by deliverable, or duration.


strategy  analysis ideation  facilitation

"I'd like to help you think things through."

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So, you're interested in website content, like you actually want to read stuff? OG This is the evolving online destination for more information about all things potentialKEN kisselman:

personal KEN is an intertextual artist, intellectual, and geek. 


I obsess about pop-cultural myth systems as languages that define subjective identity within postmodern multichannel media culture; and I am fascinated by the ways in which interactive multimedia experiences are evolving how we, as a species, communicate and conduct business.

professional KEN is an interactive strategist, catalyst, and creator.


I specialize in helping interdisciplinary agency and client teams think through opportunities to communicate, build branded relationships, and achieve behavioral ROI through digital interactive experiences as integrated components of cross-channel marketing and business initiatives.

Still curious to know more about who I am and what I do?

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about KEN


Learn a bit more about ME the person... Itinerant Intellectual: Gen-X Postmodernist, Artist, peaceful Jedi, dysfunctional superhero, and first monk in the Church of Disney.

what KEN can do for YOU

Explore my value proposition within the context of Integrated Interactive Marketing Strategy. Understand WHAT I DO and consider 5 WAYS I CAN HELP YOU RIGHT NOW.



Interested in collaborating with ME? Want to know more about my professional background? Overview my experience and link to additional resources. Find out HOW TO HIRE KEN.

contact KEN

I went through the effort of building this site because I want to hear from YOU. Honestly, I got into this line of work because I'm always on the look out for new opportunities to talk with smart people about interesting things. Whether for potential work or simply a good conversation, please consider saying "Hi".

More information coming soon.

potentialKEN kisselman "will brainstorm for food"
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