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5 WAYS I can help RIGHT NOW

As 4Q transitions into 1Q we evaluate 2020 progress and kick off 2021 plans. We analyze annual data, conduct research, and launch initiatives to optimize current tactics, and deliver on the new year's strategies.

Could you use an outsider perspective?

Could you use another pair of hands?

Now is a great time to add ME

to one or more of you accounts...

KEN kisselman potentialDISCOVERY workshop

Hi, I'm KEN. I'm here to help.  : - ) *



I specialize in helping interdisciplinary agency and client teams think through opportunities to build branded relationships and achieve ROI through integrated digital interactive experiences.

If you can imagine the benefits of collaborating with me but are having trouble envisioning how to integrate my unique value proposition with your current business, brand, and/or team; please allow me to suggest 5 easy ways for us to kick off a working relationship...

1 - Provide an outside point of view


Sometimes you can benefit from a fresh perspective. I can help you see your familiar marketplace, challenges, plans, and collaborations in a new light. One of the benefits of working with a consultant is that I've been around the block a few times. I've seen similar things done different ways and done different things that can provide relevant insights. It's my job to be someone that you can bounce your ideas off of. I can provide a casual or formal POV to expand our conversation and identify new opportunities to create value.

2 - Analyze performance [and recommend optimizations]


Jumping onto your moving train, my learning curve can be utilized to your benefit. I'll need to come up to speed. A great place for me to start is with an audit of your existing documents (research, strategy, plans, briefs, etc.) to better understand what you are already trying to accomplish. The act of simply reviewing and integrating past ideas can yield new insights. Depending on available data I can contextualize and evaluate your qualitative and/or quantitative performance relative to your objectives. Rather than being internally/personally invested in the success of past strategies and tactics, I can objectively help you evaluate where you are at and recommend next steps for growth.

3 - Conduct [primary and/or secondary] research


Let's learn new things together. Are your strategic assumptions and performance metrics grounded in a true understanding of your target audience, marketplace culture, and competitive landscape? Heuristic observations and studying secondary sources will provide some of the insights required for an interactive initiative to succeed. Research work with target and de facto users can be more than simply market testing focus groups at the one extreme or usability studies at the other. I'm comfortable working with research participants at all stages of their cross-channel journeys through a variety of methodologies including observational, contextual, co-design, and concept validation.

4 - Facilitate group thinking through meetings, workshops, and activities


I can help your team collaborate more efficiently and effectively. Brainstorming, ideation, planning, requirements gathering, and many other processes require group input. A ringmaster, with a methodological approach to addressing the need/topic at hand, can ensure structured exploration, productive discussion, and actionable outcomes. Research and exploration tactics utilized for user/target/consumer activities can also be applied to internal work with agency teams and client stakeholder groups. I can be a more or less active participant. What's most important is my helping your team uncover new perspectives, come to decisions, and yield tangible output.

5 - 'Intellectual Odd Jobs' (author/present documents)


Think of me like a handyman for knowledge work. Allow me to take on some of the tasks for which you lack time and/or capabilities. I'm an itinerant knowledge worker who's moved from one professional challenge to the next. I had to learn how to create documents to communicate the necessary ideas and keep delivery teams on track in all sorts of project cultures. Much of my freelance work comes in the form of drafting (and often presenting) "X" document to help my employer meet "Y" commitment. Pitch, plan, analysis, brief, etc... Let me know what type of document you need, allow me access to necessary resources, and I'd be happy to be your ghostwriter.

potentialKEN kisselman is a freelance strategic & creative consultant.

He can be contracted hourly, by deliverable, or duration.


contact KEN for more information.

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