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If you are interested,

I have provided a number of professional writing samples.


I've tried to offer a variety of topics and styles.

All should be old enough to respect client confidentiality.


potentialKEN kisselman - potentialPORTRAIT

Select Document Samples

From Past Professional Projects

in alphabetical order by brand name


I've provided two decks from Acuvue campaigns as examples of the types of integrated online media marketing and CRM acquisition work I did at MarketSource for a variety of J&J brands. The first is a program overview and analysis of online support for a mall tour and sweepstakes for Colours. The second is a program overview and analysis of a MTV VMA media blitz for Advance. Not only was the VMA promotion a 'heavy up' advertising push for the brand, it was also a J&J "test & learn" for experimental marketing tactics. It was the industry's first DRTV call-to-action driving users to interact with a promotional Instant Messenger 'chat bot' and the first time an advertiser used AIM as a CRM capture platform. I was AM/PM for the planning, delivery, and administration of the online components of these campaigns in addition to authoring strategy and conducting performance analysis.


Mall Tour



This is the strategy deck for the Dentyne "Live It Loud" campaign that I put together while working as a hired gun for IMC. "Live It Loud" was a cross channel promotion primarily using an on-pack call-to-action to drive consumers to online interactions and promotional premiums. When I joined the initiative a variety of tactics were in early development across channels but there was no clear articulation of the program's strategic framework. This document was created to solidify what the campaign would be doing and why.




Working as channel strategist at their iAOR Refinery, I was involved in all aspects of how Gardasil was utilizing interactive/digital media to support their global product launch. I've included two documents to reflect some of the breadth of this work. The first sample is a deck that was created for an inter-agency offsite. It was meant to provide an 'online performance snapshot' to brief interdisciplinary participants and inform ideation as the communication plan was shifting focus from disease education market shaping to the impending product approval and roll out. My work on Gardasil expanded to include other brands as well as Merck cross-brand practices. The second document is a brief for a generalized architecture/analytics strategy for in-banner and click-through advertising utilizing multimedia expandable banner ads.

Performance Analysis

Banner Brief


This imbedded consulting engagement was a project that I grew from RFP pitch to core account working in collaboration with Empathy Lab. Originally retained to wrangle the business case and implementation strategy for cross-brand US HCP-RM the initiative expanded into shepherding cross-vertical interdisciplinary enterprise-level thinking about Physician CRM and tablet-based multimedia digital detailing. My work on this initiative ran the gamut from 1:1 client consulting through planning/facilitating/analyzing stakeholder workshops; producing deliverables ranging from activity collateral to ad hoc documents in support of program elements to the business case and phased roll out plans utilized by executive client sponsors to secure 'c-level' approvals and financing. I've provided a couple of documents to reflect different aspects of the work I did on this project. First is the business case used to secure approval for the PRM initiative from the GSK US "Committee On Technology". At the opposite extreme, I've provided a one-page brief (modeled on sales rep HCP detailing) designed to give the client steering committee talking points to quickly and easily explain the initiative to stakeholders throughout the enterprise. Being a stakeholder research-oriented engagement I've provided a deck created to sell through the workshops planned in support of digital detailing. Next I've included the deck used by me to facilitate a workshop with sales reps. It was designed to 'road show' the evolving concept for the initiative and structure the collection of stakeholder input. Finally I've included a deck created to brief the initiative's steering committee on the output of a workshop with GSK's cross-brand "Marketing Futures" leadership team.

Business Case

Brief Overview

Workshop Proposal

Workshop Facilitation

Workshop Observations


I've provided two Ixempra decks as examples of work that I did while consulting on integrated digital performance analytics to the BMS oncology franchise as a freelancer attached to Encima Consulting. The first is a basic monthly reporting snapshot created for a status meeting. The second is a deeper dive analysis created for an inter-agency review and discussion of integrated program performance. I played no roll in planning the campaigns or delivering the tactics. I was simply brought in as an outside observer to help evaluate what the brand was currently doing.



My Lowe's

While working as a cross-channel strategist for the Macquarim imbedded consulting engagement at Lowe's, I explored a variety of topics and contributed to diverse 'tiger team' experimental initiatives in addition to helping to generally optimize and expand the program mechanics of the overarching MyLowe's CRM initiative. Enterprise and inter-agency thinking about "Smart Home" was one of the first 'special projects' that I was tasked to help wrangle. This deck expresses the state of thinking on the topic coming out of a series of activities collecting stakeholder input. It's purpose was to synthesize group wisdom with market/landscape research in order to articulate a vision for what the Lowe's position in the smart home space could be.

Smart Home


This is program/communications plan that I authored and presented for Opana annual 'brand planning' while working as a hired gun with Electronic Ink. I was brought in to review existing strategy and current tactics and then create the next year's recommendation as a document for hire. The document is fitted to the format and requirements of the client's cross-agency brand planning exercise. It resulted in account growth for Electronic Ink including increased budget and expansion into online/offline integrated tactical delivery.

Communications Plan

please note: To the best of my knowledge all of the materials that I am sharing are sufficiently old and therefore past imminent strategic relevance to my clients or their competitors. I share them less for content than as a variety of casual examples of the similar hypothetical work that I could do in the future for your agency and clients. In some cases materials are shared in DRAFT format to highlight my contribution as well as to exclude the client's proprietary information and/or the IP of others.

Unless otherwise noted, these documents are my work in terms of both form and content.

potentialKEN kisselman is a freelance strategic & creative consultant.

He can be contracted hourly, by deliverable, or duration.


contact KEN for more information.

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