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HOW to hire KEN

potentialKEN kisselman is a freelance strategic & creative consultant.

He can be contracted hourly, by deliverable, or duration.


contact KEN for more information.

Think YOU want to work with ME?

I'm always seeking new opportunities to share my skills and experience collaborating with any agency team or client organization that is looking to focus its interdisciplinary thinking and grow its strategic and creative ideation practices.


Over the years I've helped guide integrated interactive initiatives for a wide range of client industries that leveraged a wide variety of digital media/tactics in order to build relationships with diverse target audiences. I enjoy expanding my experience and adapting my skills to new marketplace opportunities, strategic objectives, and collaborative cultures. I'm open to exploring any new opportunity to think and talk about interesting professional challenges with other smart creative people.

If you are interested in collaborating; I've found that the best way to kick off a successful working relationship is with some free discussion and brainstorming in order to mutually understand the challenges you are facing and if/how I may be able to help. Contact ME for a free consultation.

If we choose to initiate a business relationship, there are a few ways to contract my services...




I have a hourly rate that I apply to straightforward 'time & materials' contract work. This also informs the framework by which I estimate deliverable/duration based projects. 

Contact ME for rate information.


I am happy to help get some of the stuff done for you that you don't have the bandwidth to tackle yourself. Sometimes an outsider perspective is what an account/initiative needs. Sometimes you just need a skilled facilitator and ghostwriter. I am happy to help with tasks including: Workshop, Analysis, Research, Recommendation, POV, Pitch, Plan, Brief, etc. These sorts of projects are generally estimated based on anticipated/required scope and timeline. They are contracted for the deliverable itself and the process to complete it.


I believe that everyone is more productive if they work toward an objective. I understand that it takes time and commitment to accomplish things. I've contracted full and part time based on delivery timetables, launches, and other key milestones; as well as, for the time it takes to execute a project phase, campaign, activity, or deliverable, etc. Even with longer-term contracts of an annual quarter or more, I prefer to maintain focus of on qualifiable/quantifiable objectives and outcomes.

"Have laptop will travel."

Depending on the nature of our contract, I am available to work on site(s) to collaborate with your team and/or shepherd other in-person project activities. I am currently based in York, PA. I am open to consulting projects regardless of location(s). Outside my daily commuting radius; I've worked a number of long-distance projects both virtually and through 'extended stay' on-site near client/agency partners. I am open to relocating for the right opportunity.

"Will Brainstorm for Food."

I make it a point never to choose or refuse work simply on the basis of compensation. I've contributed to interesting projects working for beer and pizza (so to speak). Buy me lunch and I'll brainstorm on whatever topic you feel like chatting about. #WillBrainstormForFood

"Great collaborations start with good conversations."

contact KEN for more information, details, and estimates.

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