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Please overview this executive summary of my experience and/or download my basic two-page resume.

potentialKEN kisselman - potentialPORTRAIT

KEN kisselman

Integrated Interactive Marketer

Consultant: Strategist

June 1997 - Present



KEN is available to speak, provide strategic council, analyze performance, conduct research, articulate planning, build consensus, facilitate ideation & exploration, conduct a Discovery, and/or complete other intellectual odd jobs

KEN Kisselman is an Outside-The-Box Deconstructive and Creative Thinker

  • specializing in Integrated Interactive Marketing and Cross-Channel Strategy & Analysis

  • specializing in facilitating Interdisciplinary Discovery, Ideation, and Planning

  • offering a uniquely educated and experienced Point Of View


15 + Years Professional Experience devising, developing, and optimizing integrated interactive programs with online & full-service agencies, media communications companies, and consulting clients

25 + Years Interdisciplinary Intellectual Background exploring how mythic storytelling in mass media and popular culture establishes collective/individual identity and influences consumer behavior

KEN is a Strategist who guides interdisciplinary thinking about how to maximize integrated interactive experiences within cross-channel initiatives; in order to achieve business, marketing, and/or behavioral objectives etc. with measurable results and learnings to inform growth.

  1. An intellect who cultivates a holistic understanding of product, audience, and marketplace

  2. A facilitator and researcher who utilizes conversations, meetings, workshops, and other activities to structure ideation, uncover interdisciplinary insight, and achieve stakeholder consensus 

  3. A communicator who can distill complex situations into simple concepts that are more easily articulated, understood, internalized and re-communicated to establish and maintain a unifying vision

Comfortable addressing Content, MarComm, eCommerce, and B2B&C eBusiness challenges; KEN has guided programs for clients including Aeropostale, Beck's Beer, BMS, Crazy Eddie, Dentyne, GSK, J&J, M&M's, March Of Dimes, Merck, Nickelodeon, PA State Senate, PUC, RJ Reynolds, VIR, and numerous news/content publishers.

KEN holds the distinction of leading online channel strategy for the launches of both the first MSA cigarette consumer web presence (RJR's Doral) and the first cancer vaccine (Merck's Gardasil).


KEN's skills in Socratic Consultation, Consensus Building, and Workshops & Activities grow from the methodological penchant/praxis of his academic roots sharpened by professional training/practice.

KEN's work in Cross-Channel Marketing and eBusiness is grounded in an academic background as a Media and Cultural Theorist focused on the evolution of visual, textual, performance, and participatory communication from oral to literate to post-literate cultures.

KEN has a BA from Drew University

and a Postgraduate Degree with additional research at The University of Wales Lampeter

potentialKEN kisselman is a freelance strategic & creative consultant.

He can be contracted hourly, by deliverable, or duration.


contact KEN for more information.

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