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potentiaKEN kisselman - WHO do I think I am?

This is a recent #selfie from my Social Media.



I include this because, dealing virtually with folks around the world who don't benefit from onsite day-to-day interaction with me, I get asked... "What do you really look like?"


Odd question, I know. But it also kind of makes sense. Consequently I've included this page.

I would also encourage you to check out my various @potentialKEN Social Media presences.

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Appearance Clause: If you are hiring someone to help you 'think outside the box' then it is reasonable to assume that they may occasionally be somewhat non-conformist in their approach to life and work. 'I am my own favorite character in fiction' and who I am helps me do what I do. I believe that we are most powerful when we are comfortable. My cult of personality is a big part of who I am (but I assure you that there is steak along with my sizzle). Yes, I have a lip ring. No, I don't take it out for client meetings. Generally, I prefer jeans, sneakers, and a sport coat; if I were a cartoon character that is what I would wear in every episode. I believe that mass media mythology is the touchstone of subjective identity in postmodern culture. I utilize action figures, lapel pins, graphic t-shirts, other pop cultural artifacts as raw materials for my self expression. I was a Big Bang before “the Big Bang Theory” and now I'm working on aging into what comes next. I’ve been perpetually greying, dying, shaving and growing out my hair and my beard for some time now. I can dress it up and down or adapt myself accordingly to a given situation. Over the years I've done this at a number of world class agencies and in the corporate headquarters of a variety of household name brands. Despite some colleagues' occasional fears, the world didn't collapse when I did it then/there; I doubt it will when I do it at your agency or client site. If you have any concerns, I am happy to discuss how best to acculturate to your environment.


More information coming soon.

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