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WHAT does KEN do?

Does the challenge of communicating across ever proliferating media in order to build relationships with ever more fragmented audiences have you suffering from omni-channel overload?

Do your interactive tactics seem cool creatively and work technically but still don't succeed in accomplishing your ROI objectives?

Allow me to help you think things through...

KEN kisselman potentialDISCOVERY workshop

I'm an itinerant knowledge worker & conceptual cat herder.


As an intellectual, I am fascinated by how pervasive interactive multimedia is evolving the way(s) we as a species communicate and do business.


As a professional, I've sought challenging opportunities to play with the ideas at the nexus of Venn diagram overlap between business objectives, marketplace opportunity, 'new(er) media', and traditional legacy processes, tactics, and messaging; helping clients evolve the way(s) in which their brands leverage synergistic integrated interactive multimedia experiences in order to grow their businesses and audience relationships.


My primary skills are in the disciplines of Strategy, Analysis, Ideation, and Facilitation.


Strategy is the discipline of structured thinking about our objectives, the tactics we use to accomplish them, and how we achieve ROI. I specialize in shepherding how interdisciplinary teams think about accomplishing behavioral and communication objectives, through digital media and interactive tactics as part of an integrated approach to cross channel marketing and contextualized business touch points. That is usually a function of both the deliverables I create and the process by which I conduct the research/analysis and facilitate the group thinking that informs those documents. Occasionally I help shepherd those ideas to launch. Often I analyze the outcome to see how things worked out and optimize how they continue to grow.


Analysis is the process of critical thinking about the quantitative and qualitative success of our strategies. Strategy in the absence of analysis is simply creative and analysis in the absence of strategy is simply reporting. Research and performance data tests our hypothesis and informs new ideas.


Ideation is the thinking of the ideas themselves. I can do it for you. I'd prefer to do it with you. That is what I think. What do you think? Let's discuss...


Facilitation is the process of shepherding group thinking. Teams, collaborators, stakeholders, targets; all sorts of interesting things can happen depending on who's in the room and what we're talking about.

potentialKEN kisselman is a freelance strategic & creative consultant.

He can be contracted hourly, by deliverable, or duration.


contact KEN for more information.

Strategy is a discipline of Structured Thinking
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