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"Will Brainstorm For Food"

Thanks for taking the time to find my 'hidden page'.


This is intended as sort of a 'bonus idea'.

A little bit of whimsy tucked away off of the beaten path.

I hope it will give YOU some more insight into


potentialKEN  - "will brainstorm for food"

What do [I think] I mean when I say that I "will brainstorm for food"?


I may not have been the first and I'm probably not the only person to turn this phrase (so to speak). But it is an idea that I hope people will come to associate with ME and my brand.


This is a credo by which I choose to live.

It is [I am] often misinterpreted; so I will take this opportunity to explain my meaning.


Let's consider this idea through the lenses of ironyempathy and both literally & figuratively.

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I feel for you. Sometimes, no matter how good an idea it seems; it's hard to commit resources before you are sure of the benefits. Honestly, I love what I do for a living (when I get to do it). By many accounts I seem to be quite good at it. Sometimes I'd be happy to do it even if I wasn't getting paid. I'm always excited to discover a new opportunity to think and talk about interesting challenging things with other smart creative people. I make a policy not to choose or refuse work simply based upon compensation.


Time is money. You get what you pay for (or perhaps one is only worth what one can get paid) and everyone hopes to get the most for the least. Nobody will buy the cow if you give the milk away for free. For many my bon mot conjures associations with what skills one could trade for survival. Do our best skills easily translate to 'the zombie apocalypse'? Probably not. Could outside the box strategy save your life? Sure. Is a brainstorming workshop worth two chickens? Time may tell. 


Unlike what my mother used to try to tell me when I was in grammar school, as an 'agency guy' and 'consultant', I firmly believe that "Lunch is the most important meal of the day". True collaboration requires meaningful conversation. Meetings are a great time to 'be productive' but the best conversations occur in 'the in-between times' when we are comfortable to think and communicate free from the constraints of our working presuppositions. Taking a break for a snack is a good time to refresh your perspective.


Here is my offer to you...


Buy me lunch and I will brainstorm on whatever topic you feel like chatting about.

If we think it is a good idea to collaborate, I'm sure we can work something out.

"Great collaborations start with good conversations."

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